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Aluminium Extrusions

extrusionsAluminium extrusions from Snelsons Ltd.

Aluminium Extrusion is a manufacturing process used to create long objects of a fixed cross-sectional profile. A material, often in the form of an aluminium billet, is pushed and/or drawn through a die of the desired profile shape. Hollow sections are usually extruded by placing a piercing mandrel inside of the die.


Aluminium extrusion may be continuous (producing indefinitely long material) or semi-continuous (producing many short pieces). Most metals are extruded hot.

The billet may be forced through the die by various methods.
A single or twin screw auger, powered by an electric motor, or a ram, driven by hydraulic pressure (for steel alloys and titanium alloys for example), oil pressure (for aluminum), or in other specialized processes such as rollers inside a perforated drum for the production of many simultaneous streams of material.

Extrusion simulation tools help to understand the extrusion process and to optimize development of tools and products.

The factory has 37,000 square feet of specifically designed floor space to meet the ongoing needs of our clients enabling us to process Aluminium extrusions in an efficient and environmentally conscientious manner.

The company is run by a dedicated team of professionals with over a 100 years of experience in the aluminium extrusions industry enabling us to offer a service from, design help, to fully assembled and packed products.